About Us

Our Company

Our company is a reliable promotional products and services supplier that were founded since 2015 and a member of PPAI, PPPC, ASI, SAGE and only sell to "Distributors".  Your One-Stop Solution for Promotional Products: We Handle Sourcing Too!

We are thrilled to announce that in addition to providing top-notch promotional products, we have expanded our services to include sourcing as well. What does this mean for you? It means a seamless and efficient experience from start to finish!

Our Missions

  1. We strive to provide best in-class quality promotional products at competitive prices. 
  2. We are customer-centric and customize all products based on your requirements while meeting your budget. 
  3.  We will work with our logistic partners to ensure your products are received on time.


Our Goal

No matter what you are in business for, our goal is to help you take care of your valuable customers with your company souvenirs that matters.   

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